Rufus: Just Saying: Forest Freeloaders

25 July 2022: Letters from Earth
Rufus: Just Saying: Forest Freeloaders :

Sometimes I worry about Momperson. Her priorities are not right! She actually takes perfectly good scraps and scoops of cat kibble and puts them down by this big tree in the forest. Without asking me if I wanted any of it first. Hank says our food is better, but how does he know?

I checked it out. 

Well almost. Momperson caught me and shooed me away.

Anyway. Here are some of the freeloaders Momperson feeds daily just because she saw one of the foxes last winter and decided it was starving.

 NOT starving now! Too late for this day’s meal? Nope. I know this is at least it’s fifth visit.

Different fox, looking for Momperson. She’s now leaving the food earlier. Demanding freeloaders.

Yep. Two of the free loaders!

Freeloading fox is picky about cat kibble? I love cat kibble!

Not all the freeloaders are foxes. Some wear masks and are probably planning on robbing Hank and I of our food!

And this freeloader is looking for bugs? Wrong location buddy.

If there’s one Bluejay, on the right, then there’s another flying in (on left wings aflutter). Of course.

And in case you’re too lazy to go down in the forest, here’s the fast food station with one of those squirrels that are way too fast for me to catch.
Hank and I will have to work on our ‘pathetic’ faces to get extra treats. But for now, time for a nap.

Rufus and Hank

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  1. Nice post. Loved the foxes, and the dogs taking advantage of the umbrella shade made me laugh. :)

    1. Maybe Rufus and Hank are a little spoiled?


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