What a Year! 2020 / Teaching an old Dog new tricks.


What a year! 2020

We hope that your family and friends are healthy and safe. Hope hit the road this morning with the first vaccine-carrying trucks. Hurray!

We’re holding on here. We’ve learned a LOT of new tricks, disproving the adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

I haven’t watched Prof.Jessecae teach her grad students via Zoom, so I haven’t learned Zoom. But I did witness two large bucks teaching ‘in person’ antler fighting for a nearby young buck. Or, they were showing off for the doe.

I learned where to hunt for Fed Ex deliveries. Bottom of our hilly driveway, a gazillion feet from the house.
I learned when Hank dog takes his football toy out of the corral( three of them), he can make it disappear. Dog Magic.

I learned folks in Slatington borough have a sense of humor.

I learned daily I could hike three miles up, down, around our fields to support a local fund raiser. When I’m up that early, I see marvelous things, like our neighbor’s cattle in the foggy morning light.
I learned I was thankful for my mask when I realized I was baring my teeth at the snotty Apple Store employee.

I’m sure We’re not through learning, but I’d be pretty okay to have a much better 2021.

Rufus, Hank, and the cats: Nikki, Zoe, Ratchett, and Tucker


  1. So it was a year of learning! It's nice to know 2020 was good for something! :)


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