Rufus: Just Saying: Tuck Tuck Work Work

Rufus: Just Saying: Tuck Tuck Work Work
7 Jan 2017

Hi, Tuck Tuck here again. Rufus is having another snow day.  He’s a regular snow dog.

So, like I told you yesterday, there is plenty of work to do around here. Even though I am very good at it, I have to do other things besides pushing ornaments off the Christmas tree. Especially since it went away to the storage room.

For one thing, if you want to sleep on a bed, you have make sure the People make it up right. Sometimes you have to do that from under the blankets, which makes MomPeople say, “Where’s Tuck Tuck?”, and then silly MomPeople pats the blanket from on top, and I have to kick kick, and bite from underneath. And then I have to run out from under the blankets. And, sigh, then I have to get back up and make sure the pillows are plumped just right. See!

After my nap, there’s work to do in the bathroom. Showers. Did you know they have water in them? Not drinking bowl water, although it tastes pretty good. Not as good as bird bath water, but there isn’t any of that in our house. Anyway, showers have to be inspected. Sometimes close up. This is very important, because my family likes to be green. Not green like grass, or the plants in the pots that I chew on. (Don’t tell MomPeople.) Green like the People want to not waste water, power, all kinds of things. I do the same with litter. I make sure I pee on it as much of it as … never mind. I discovered that the shower was dripping. I showed MomPeople, who I think fixed it. But if it weren’t for me …

I am thinking about a new job. What do you think? I think I could be a TV star. Here I am on TV.

Tuck Tuck for Rufus 


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