Rufus: Just Saying: Tuck Tuck Time 6 January 2017

Rufus: Just Saying: Tuck Tuck Time
6 January 2017

Hi There!! I’m Tuck Tuck. I’m a kitten. A very busy kitten, but I said yes when Rufus asked me to write this blog. I don’t know how to type, but Rufus said that’s not a problem. MomPeople is in charge of that. So here I go.

By the way, Rufus is taking a day off, because it snowed!  Rufus loves snow!

I never saw snow before. I watched it come down yesterday.

But watching snow is not my favorite thing to do. And there a LOT of things to do in my forever home.

Like when the Christmas tree was up. ZoeMom and I climbed it and pushed ornaments out onto the floor. We had to keep doing that over and over, because MomPeople kept picking up the ornaments and putting them back on the tree. She wasn’t nearly as happy with our work as you’d think. Then the tree went away. Which leaves more time for all the other very important things I do around here.

Today I will tell you about my bags, balls, and tissue paper work. MomPeople dropped a bag on the floor, and then tissue paper, and THEN a ball of foil.

I checked with ZoeMom and NikkiCat, about what we should do. Like I thought, the paper, bag, and ball are very dangerous and must be played with until they are exhausted.

 I volunteered to be in charge of tissue, bag, the foil ball, and pushing the scatter rugs around. 

It turned out that the bag was very interesting!

Hiding in it!

And hiding stuff in it! Like the foil ball. Which is a very fun toy.

But maybe the tissue paper is the BEST toy. You can push it, catch it in the air, and sit on it!

All this blogging makes me tired. I checked what the MomPeople typed and got a drink. She did okay. But I have a lot more to say, maybe tomorrow.

For now I’m nap/watching out the window.

Tuck Tuck for Rufus


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