Rufus: Just Saying: CATS!

Rufus: Just Saying: CATS!
 23 January 2017

The snow is gone, but the weather guesser People says maybe more at the end of the week. So I’m writing this really quickly before Tuck Tuck comes back with her ideas of what should go in ‘her’ blog. REALLY!

She really thinks she’s sooo important now. Just because she talked to DadPeople about the leaky shower, and he got the plumber to come fix it. I could have done that. If I wanted to.

Anyway, Never turn your back on cats! They multiply. I go play in the snow and next thing I know there’s ANOTHER little black cat!!  Tuck Tuck’s brother Ratchett was living next door, but that didn’t work out. I have a pretty good idea why from all the stuff that Tuck Tuck and Ratchett crash into chasing each other! Little furry demolition team!

Anyway, Now we have four cats and only one dawg. Is that fair?
Here’s when the four of them first met. Ratchett is on the left, just coming out from under the couch. Nikki, who is in charge no matter what Tuck Tuck says, waited for him. Miss Zoe is under the chair. And Tuck Tuck is killing some toy or another.

This is when Ratchett and Nikki first met. You see what I mean about Cats? They are so stupid. You always sniff a new guy’s butt first! Not their nose. Geesh.

Big sigh. Tuck Tuck taught Ratchett about the Door Monster. Here the little geniuses are trying to catch it. Don’t tell them who the monster on the other side of the door is. I’m betting two ham bones that they never figure it out. NikkiCat won’t bet. He says … he just sighs and takes another nap. He needs lots of naps now a days.


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