Rufus: Just Saying: Tuck Tuck and the Door Monster!

Rufus: Just Saying: Tuck Tuck and the Door Monster!
7 December 2016

I love playing in the leaves. Hiding in them, running into them. Hiding my toys in them. But sometimes there are even better games.

I may or may not have told Tuck Tuck there was a door monster. Okay, maybe I did. Really. It’s too easy to fool a kitten.

Tuck Tuck battles the door monster every time the front door opens.

 First thing Tuck Tuck does when the door opens is look at herself in the kick plate. Which is like a mirror when you’re that short. Yeah. She’s cute. And she knows it.

But it doesn’t take long before Tuck Tuck remembers the door monster. Tuck Tuck says a door monster can steal pretty reflections, so you have to get it!

According to Tuck Tuck, the door monster hides on the other side, so you have to stick a paw under and swipe and swipe. The door monster if very big and ugly and looks like an elephant and a wolf and a hippopotamus combined. According to Tuck Tuck.

But pretty soon Tuck Tuck wins, and the monster goes away. Tuck Tuck says, Mom, Zoe comes to make sure you’re okay and hear all about how you scared away the monster.

Got to love brave little Tuck Tuck. I might take her out to play in the leaves. She might like to hear about the leaves monster, which may or may not look like a chipmunk. Maybe.

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