Rufus: Just Saying: Santa’s NOT Coming?

Rufus: Just Saying: Santa’s NOT Coming?
3 December 2016


Zoe and Tuck Tuck
Santa is going to come to me. I hope. I’ve been a Very Good Dawg. Like when I alerted the Mom and DadPeople to the little mom cat Zoe and her kittens Tuck Tuck and Ratchet. They are no longer homeless because of me! Ratchet lives next door with CoreyDawg and his People. And, sigh, Zoe and Tuck Tuck live with NikkiCat and me.

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to help out Zoe and Tuck Tuck. They are very naughty! And I don’t think I should  be blamed for that. I am very good down in my Dawg/Man cave. Especially now that it’s football season and DadPeople and I watch football on the big TV. 

Nikki Cat watching.
But NikkiCat says the two new cats give him a headache, and they are very naughty. 
They scratch on the furniture. 

They get into the potted plants that have to live indoors during the winter.
They knocked over two lamps and one clock, took the door off the dollhouse.(I think Tuck Tuck got inside it.)


And then there’s the upstairs Christmas tree. I am very good with mine down in DadPeople and my Dawg/Man Cave. I don’t pee on it or anything. MomPeople got a little tree to test to see if Tuck Tuck would behave. Tuck Tuck is tricky. She took a swipe then ignored it. So myPeople put up the big tree. AND THEN ….

Tuck Tuck started climbing up the tree!  That’s very bad! DadPeople asks MomPeople every morning if the tree is still standing upright.
Santa might not come because of naughty cats, and NikkiCat says it’s all my fault!


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