Rufus: Just Saying: Book Unfair to DAWGS!

Rufus: Just Saying: Book Unfair to DAWGS!
26 September 2016

MomPeople wrote a book. The whole book thing is just wrong! Her book is NOT about dawgs!  You can tell because of the title: The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard (, She didn’t write a dawg book! Why not?

If she had written a book about me or about dawgs, I bet our neighbor Susan would have brought me a treat. Instead she brought over two books for MomPeople to sign and a plate of cake I wasn’t allowed to eat!

MomPeople thought it was real funny when she said she had no idea writing was fattening. Huh. Not for some of us. Notice MomPeople ate up one of the cake pieces before she took a photo of the treats. I hope she gets fat!

It’s so stupid to write about dragons! Who wants to read about a lazy dragon, Cl’rnce, who has to go on some stupid Quest (not chasing squirrels so who cares?) and meets up with a girl who wants to be a wizard but gets her spells wrong most of the time? Just because they have to defeat an evil hedge witch, and a knight who wants to kill the dragon, and an evil dragon who might even be Cl’rnce’s sister? Phooey!  There’s a silly raven who poops on Cl’rnce, but not one noble dawg!!!

I agree with that rude deer who ate DadPeople’s new plants. Big tongue-stick-out at MomPeople and her unfair to dawgs book.  Rufus


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