Does Spelling Taste Good?

Rufus: Just Saying: Does Spelling Taste Good? 
20 August 2016

Big ‘kerfuffle’ in MomPeople’s office. NikkiCat, who hangs out there snarfing up treats from MomPeople, told me. (Not that I’m jealous of NikkiCat. MomPeople made me Pupsicles, and all I have to do is nose-press on the front door when DadPeople and I are outside, and MomPeople fetches me my chicken broth ice cube/ Pupsicle. So there.)

NikkiCat NOT getting a treat for nose-pressing the front door.  He’s on the wrong side, inside. HAH!

Anyway, NikkiCat says the office dragons are all wound up about spelling. I don’t know what spelling is. Kind of like smelling? Smelling is important. But if I never heard of spelling, it probably tastes nasty.

Anyway, NikkiCat says MomPeople’s Cl’rnce Dr’gon can’t spell. Something about ‘postrophes’, which I’ve never heard of so they probably taste bad too. NikkiCat says Chauncey Dr’gon, the big guy who sits on the end of MomPeople’s desk, told the rest of the office a story about why Cl’rnce ‘spells with ‘postrophes’.

Okay, I just saw a chipmunk AND a squirrel, and they need chasing. So if you want to find out why the dragons are upset that Cl’rnce Dr’gon spells weirdly, go to MomPeople’s author site-
Click on the Dragon Tales tab. Tell me if ‘postrophes’ or ‘spelling’ taste good.


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