Rufus: Just Saying: What’s Going On!

Rufus: Just Saying: What’s Going On! 
18 June 2016  

I have been very busy. I bet you have too. 
I made it through allergy season this spring! I don’t know why I sneezed and sneezed. DadPeople said for me to look at the ‘spray’ from the weeds I like to run through. Huh? 

MomPeople is busy. She’s writing short stories she hopes might be accepted for  CBAY’s upcoming anthology on Witches and Dragons. She is also dancing around about ARCs  (Advance Reader Copy), which are not the same as ‘arfs’ which I am particularly good at, that went out for reading and reviewing before her book is officially released on 1 October.  NikkiCat offered for us to read MomPeople’s book, but NikkiCat wanted bribes. MomPeople just shook her head. 

While MomPeople is busy with writing and writing, the REST of us are VERY busy. Well, NikkiCat is not as busy as he used to be. Seems our mild winter means there are LOTS of coyotes in our woods. So NikkiCat is no longer allowed out for his morning skulk around the house before coming back inside for 23.5 hours of naps. MomPeople says we knew we were moving into a wooded area with wildlife, so we have to adapt. NikkiCat is not happy about adapting away his ‘OWT’ time. 

I am busy not peeing on the pretty grass in DadPeople’s new front garden. I am very proud of myself. 
I also checked the holes where DadPeople dug out new rocks for his redesigned ‘salmon run’. I’m a good digger, so I assured DadPeople there were only worms left in the holes.  

Oh! Turns out MomPeople is right about NikkiCat’s morning ‘perimeter check’ being more about having breakfast ‘OWT.’ Now that he can't go 'OWT,' we have many many squirrels and chipmunks. I spend a lot of time watching and barking at the trees they run up. I think they’re evil. See!  Look at those evil shining eyes! I have to BARK EM!!! 

They aren’t the only ‘evil’ critters. Look at all these! 
First there’s the unnatural Doe-Bird! It eats out of the bird feeder, just like the evil squirrels and turkeys! 

Look at this scary baby-buck! I bet his mom ate bird food and turned evil! 

I do not chase the evil deer. Deer are tricky. Ask the turkeys. First deer act friendly. 

Then they go after you. You have to be careful! 

OH. MomPeople just said the deer and squirrels are not evil. Their weird shiny eyes are because of the light reflected from their eyes. Hmmm. 

I think I’ll keep on Barking ‘Em  from a distance. 

[All photos used in are the sole property of Kath Marsh. Not for public use. Not to be reprinted.]


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