Rufus: Just Saying: Lazy? Summer Daze

Rufus: Just Saying: Lazy? Summer Daze
30 June 2016  

The Furry Birds are still robbing the bird feeder, but I can’t chase them. I have to WORK

Dad People got an idea for fancy-ing up a berm along the driveway.   And since he got out the ATV -Green Hornet- to do the work, I gave up Furry-Bird-Watch to help.  You never know when DadPeople and Green Hornet will decide to drive down to the river where there are LOTS of critters to chase. 

Here I’m surveying the area that DadPeople and I will dig out. 

DadPeople and I consult on where the next stone goes

MomPeople helped  DadPeople drag these stones down to the new garden area for the little wall. It wore me out. 

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