Rufus: Just Saying: Thanks to our Finest!

Rufus: Just Saying: Thanks to our Finest! 
30 May 2016

My MomPeople was very excited this Memorial Day morning. The flowers in the front pots were all bloomed out in red, white, and blue to match our flags!   This is a very big deal in our family. MomPeople’s grandfather and sister served in the US Army, and MomPeople’s father was a Marine Colonel who served in three wars. We are very proud of them, and grateful for their service. 

We are grateful for the service of Gille and Angie’s People Capt. Rex Booher,  (Ret. US Navy and US Marine Corps). We are grateful to all the patriots, women and men, who serve and have served so that we live in this great and free country. God Bless you,  every  one! 


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