Rufus: Just Saying: Spelling Phooey and Poppy Puppies

Rufus: Just Saying: Spelling Phooey and Poppy Puppies
10 May 2016 

I am going to write a book even if I can’t spell. NikkiCat can help. From the yelling from MomPeople’s office, and the way NikkiCat runs out of the office, I’m pretty sure NikkiCat spends a lot of time typing on the computer keys.

‘Course it might be harder to write a book since I can’t spell. BUT 

My MomPeople wrote a book about dragons. And she can’t spell! Her editor changed her book title to The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard. Seems MomPeople spelled dragon - dr’gon. Wrong! Except MomPeople said it was right in Dr’gon Language. I’m suspicious. I heard in the eighth grade MomPeople crashed and burned in the school spelling bee on a really easy word. So if she can’t spell, and I can’t spell, and she can write a book, so can I. 

I think I’ll write about DadPeople and  my gardening. We made a new patio. DadPeople put down  the pavers, and I did not dig up all the new grass. 

He planted flowers in pots, and I did not eat them, yet.   

I like the flowers, but the Puppies are my favorite. DadPeople said these are poppies. But since my People don’t seem to be real good at spelling, I think he got that wrong.

Look how furry the baby flowers are? Don’t you think these are puppies? 

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