Rufus: Just Saying: Dawgs do Not Cause Gray Hairs

Rufus: Just Saying: Dawgs do Not Cause Gray Hairs
6 April 2016
NikkiCat says dawgs cause gray hairs. He made it up.  People gray hairs has to do with paint. 

My People decided to paint the dining room and foyer. (The foyer is how you get in the house if NikkiCat is not standing at the front door threatening you with evil cat-looks.) 

Anyway, MomPeople and DadPeople painted with gray paint. Seems MomPeople is better at getting paint on herself than getting it on the wall. And since she’s short, and the walls and ceiling are tall—she ended up with a lot of gray paint on top of her head, in her hair. I heard DadPeople talk about it. 

I’m not as tall as MomPeople, so I’m not volunteering for when they paint the bedroom.
Nikki stalking through the new gray rooms that match the gray hairs on MomPeople’s head. 

NikkiCat made it up about Dawgs causing gray hairs. I wonder if what he said about steak bits being bad for dawgs is true?  

Me in my coat to keep off random paint from MomPeople. 


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