Rufus: Just Saying: Being Ignored!

Rufus: Just Saying: Being Ignored!
22 April 2016

I work very hard barking at chipmunkers, chasing fuzzy-squirrels, drinking birdbath water. 

I even guard the fire hydrant to make sure no one steals the water, like the other dawgs who walk in my neighborhood. 

And I was trying to help DadPeople between all that work! But he told me not to eat the string he had around the garden and to go play with my toys. Hrumph! He needed my digger-talents! First he got sand, then he dug holes and put on these pavers. I tried to help. Okay, maybe I helped by digging up some plants and lying on the irises. But I think he goofed. See. All those pavers are square! Holes should be round, ‘cause round stuff like chipmunkers run in them. I don’t know what kind of critters are in those holes, under those pavers!  

Worse than the square holes, is MomPeople. She is not paying proper attention to NikkiCat and me. The Fed Ex guy came with a box for her, and I barked at him real good. But the box had zero bologna in it!!!! It just had these bookmarks for her book.  

And when I wanted her to write about me guarding and digging, she was too busy!!! Her book isn’t even coming out until October, but she’s all busy with her author site
( and dancing around about her book. That is so wrong!! 

I did not promise not to walk on the new grass seed between those stupid pavers. So there! 

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