Rufus:Just Saying: Sydney the Swimmer

Rufus:Just Saying: Sydney the Swimmer
19 February 2016

I am not a water dawg. Until I watched my good friend Sydney swim in the pond, I never even thought about getting close to the water.  But Sydney swims all the time at the pond. And if Sydney does it, I had to try. So one day last summer after it rained and rained, I checked out this big puddle in the fields. 

My People were very impressed. I stuck with wading. I am not a swimmer. 
But my friend Sydney is The Super Swimmer!!! Yesterday, when there was still ice on the pond, she got right in and swam across the little lagoon to her MomPeople and My MomPeople!  

 I had to go around the lagoon and across the bridge.  Sydney is VERY brave!  There’s a lake monster in the water that nips dawg toes! I think my MomPeople called it a Snapping Turtle!  

I had a lot of questions for Sydney about swimming. Like who taught her how? How long has she been a swimmer? Will she try out for the USA Dawg Olympic Swimming Team? How will she train for that? Will it involve diving in and fetching fish, like she did one day? Although her MomPeople is not so sure that fish was actually swimming in the water when Sydney found it. It was kind of frozen stiff. Sydney tried to take it home in the car, but her MomPeople made her leave it at the park. MyPeople wouldn’t let me take it home either.

Maybe Sydney’s MomPeople will throw her special Sydeny tennis ball for Sydney to swim to.  
Sydney does not give interviews. So I’ll have to watch her and report what I find out. 
She did answer one question. The most important one! 

Who is your favorite dawg to walk with at the pond. ;) 

Her MomPeople said, “She replied with a major wag…..RRRRRRRRRRRRUFFFFFFF-us!”   


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