Rufus: Just Saying: Turkeymas!

Rufus: Just Saying: Turkeymas!
7 January 2016 

I’ve been very busy. VERY! Mom and DadPeople’s DaughterPeople and her SpecialPeople, came to visit. They are very cool. 

They brought me a new toy! And they gave DadPeople a certificate for a Bark Box. The MailPeople brought it after DaughterPeople and her SpecialPeople  had gone home. And it was full of STUFF!!! 

MomPeople took a photo to show DaughterPeople and her SpecialPeople what was in the box, but the chewy jerky and the box were missing from the photo. I’d already eaten them. That’s what MomPeople said. I was just helping DadPeople open the box and attacking it in case there was something ‘bad’ in there. :)  

MomPeople put the new toys away for later, “after he wears out his other toys.” I can hardly wait to get that pizza! 

And then the best part of Turkeymas. Turkey dinner!!! Turkey is my new favorite, right up there with bologna! Because DadPeople cooked a BIG Turkey, we have lots of leftovers! Leftovers are the best! I Love Leftovers!

But guess what I found out! Those turkeys who come eat the corn MomPeople spreads out in the front woods are Turkey dinners with feathers on. DadPeople says not to  chase them, but … TURKEY DINNER!!! 


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