Rufus: Just Saying: Christmas Goose and Boris ‘Car-Lov’

9 December 2015

MomPeople is too busy!! She’s late again with my blog. As NikkiCat would say, “Hrumph!” 

Last winter we had lots and lots of snow. BEST winter ever!!! Except my People were snowed in. We have a long steep driveway, and our car couldn’t get up the hill and out! This could have been very bad. NikkiCat and I could have run out of food!!! 

So MyPeople decided they had to get a four-wheeled vehicle. I voted for a big ATV that I could ride in, and we could ride down to the river and run through the woods every day!! But they had different ideas. Sigh. 
They came home with an SUV they call Boris ‘Car-Lov’. I don’t get it, but MomPeople says it’s because she thinks all the ‘doo dads’ on Boris are creepy like some famous actor’s roles in movies. Ooookay. She was really spooked when they drove Boris home from the dealer, and MomPeople turned on Onstar and just asked for directions to take them home. She didn’t give an address, just said ‘home’. AND Boris did!!! Well, almost. Apparently Boris likes the big house next door better than ours. Could be the shorter less hilly driveway. 

DadPeople LOVES Boris. He thinks it’s so cool that Boris steers back into the lane if the car drifts. That’s crazy. I volunteer to drive every time we get in the car, and DadPeople won’t let me. Hrumph. 

MomPeople calls Boris DadPeople’s Christmas gift. Boris zaps DadPeople in the butt if he doesn’t signal a turn or gets too close to a car when parking. I think that makes Boris a Christmas Goose. 



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