Rufus: Just Saying: Angels in my fields, and in Appalachia.

Rufus: Just Saying: Angels in my fields,  and in Appalachia. 
21 December 2015

Walking in the fields is different every time. Some days are sunny, and I can sniff and run through dry grasses. Some days after rain, there are lots of changed smells to check out and grasses to lick.  

And then there are the part fog/ part sun days when when we get fog bows. I’ve chased to the end of those fogbows, I thought. But fogbows move. 

But guess what I saw this time!  Angels. Here’s DadPeople with his halo. Just in front of him   

Here’s MomPeople with her halo all around her shadow. 

They’re my angels, and they say NikkiCat and I are theirs. 

At this time of year, when I’m especially grateful for angels, I want to tell you about some people MyPeople call angels.  Here in Kentucky, The Trixie Foundation ( PO Box 1, Webbville, KY 41180) helps “the unwanted, abused, and abandoned animals from throughout Appalachia!” They don’t have much. The Trixie Foundation isn’t a fancy place, but the HSUS visited them this year and were proud of all they do with what they have. 

This year The Trixie Foundation not only rescued many animals, but they rescued two People. The People needed jobs. They couldn’t afford a place to stay that would take their dogs. So the People camped out to care for their dogs. They gave up warm shelter so they didn’t have to abandon their dogs. The Trixie Foundation needed helpers. And they heard about the camping People and their dawgs. Now the People and their Dawgs have jobs! 

My People send The Trixie Foundation money, which you can’t eat, but which can turn into food and warm blankets, dry warm places to stay,  and doctors who make you feel better.  Angels in Appalachia. 


[All photos used in are the sole property of Kath Marsh. Not for public use. Not to be reprinted.] 


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