Yucky Fungi- Like’n the Lichen?

Rufus: Just Saying: Yucky Fungi- Like’n the Lichen?
12 November 2015
 This is me with my favorite author. (MomPeople borrowed our blog name from one of Samuel Clemens’ books. )

Sigh. MomPeople has been very bad. She is too busy revising one manuscript, writing another one for NanoWriMo, going to exercise classes … but finally here’s my blog. 

MomPeople is very strict about what I can eat. She said mushrooms are not on my list of “Yum Good.” But I thought she was silly. 

Look how yummy pretty these mushrooms are! 

But the next day they didn’t look so yummy.

And then today they looked really yucky! 
I’m pretty glad I didn’t eat any. 

But LOOK what I found! Not mushrooms. Lichen! I’m Like’n the Lichen. 

Do we check with MomPeople before we eat these? 

Well, this one has little black hairs around the 'flowers'. Tickle when it goes down? 


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