Rufus: Just Saying: Thanks Giving

Rufus: Just Saying: Thanks Giving
25 November  2015 

Just over two years ago I rescued Mompeople and Dadpeople. I am very grateful that I am so smart I picked them out when they showed up at the county park where I’d been left.

 I didn’t know what toys were until they gave me a ball. I am very grateful for balls, rubber ducks, frisbees, and Toys! 

I didn’t know about living inside a house with a couch for watching sports with Dadpeople. I am thankful for couches and TV. And that Dadpeople loves sports. 

I didn’t know about ‘cookies’!  I am very grateful for cookies! Except the red ones. Yuck. But if we run out of other cookies and turkey poop… (Don’t ask about the turkey poop. Dadpeople doesn’t understand about eating that.)  

Thursday there’s a special day for giving thanks. A very good day. I understand this special day is a holiday to celebrate my nation’s thankfulness for beginning our nation. I’m especially happy, because if our nation had not formed, I wouldn’t be here!!! George Washington bred a new kind of hound, an American Fox Hound, me! 

Back to the turkey poop Dadpeople doesn’t want me to eat. I think there may be an exception coming up on Thursday. Dadpeople keeps talking about turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Does Dadpeople want me to chase down one of those guys in the front yard that MomPeople puts corn out for? Does he know how fast they are, and how they can FLY?  

Whether we have fresh turkey poop or not, I am thankful for so much. I hope you have a day that makes you thankful wherever you live! 

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