Rufus: Just Saying: New Vest! Or’ange You Jealous?

Rufus: Just Saying: New Vest! Or’ange You Jealous? 
2 November 2015

Somebody put up a deer stand down by the river. DadPeople is afraid even though no hunting is allowed in our neighborhood, that someone is planning on shooting our deer. Since I get to run through our woods, MomPeople said I need a safety vest. 

I was very skeptical about this vest thing. I have one for winter, but I’m not a vest kind of dawg. 
But MomPeople said I had to be ‘visible’ so no one stupidly shoots at me while I hunt in the woods. (no deer, just chip punk and squirrel chasing.) 
MomPeople feeds this guy in our front woods. Hunters note: I do NOT look like this guy. 
Anyway I am fashionably Orange. I kind of like it.  
This is my squirrel stand. Except squirrels and ‘chip punks’ hide inside it, and I’m the one walking around outside.
Can the squirrels see me? 


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