Rufus: Just Saying: One Stop For Writers and No Dude

Rufus: Just Saying: One Stop For Writers and No Dude
5 October 2015 

Sigh. I was just getting brave about going down near the water out at the county park. Like my friend Sydney. She swims in the pond! Until I met her two years ago, I was afraid. Last time we went to the park with Sydney and her JillPeople, I actually waded a little in the water while Sydney swam. 

But my transport, the People’s van Dude, is away! He was towed away by a big machine, which I barked at a LOT! Dude is sick or something, so I can’t go for a ride until he gets back. 

But One Stop For Writers debuts soon. Which has MomPeople all excited. I may have to see about writing like MomPeople. NikkiCat will have to take dictation because my paws are a little big. But I’m going to find out all about writing Wednesday when Writers One Stop posts on my blog.

Don’t forget A New Library In Town: One Stop For Writers has a movie to watch! I am very good at watching TV with DadPeople when we watch sports. I’ll be very good at watching One Stop For Writers’ trailer! But I may have to sit on NikkiCat to get him to pay attention so he can help with my new career in writing. At least until DudeVan comes home, and I can go to the Park. 


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