Rufus: Just Saying: Don’t Lick the Car

Rufus: Just Saying: Don’t Lick the Car
24 October 2015 

DadPeople yelled to not lick the car. But I didn’t listen, because that chipmunk was hiding under it. 
The next day my tummy was very grumbly. I couldn’t even eat my treats. Sigh.

So I guess I will listen about Don’t Lick it, Don’t Eat It.

First is what MomPeople calls the Fungi. 
Mostly you don’t see them. And then it rains like today. 

Now we HAVE a LOT! It comes in many colors,  

and in the trees, 

and on the logs where the chipmunks hide.  
But Don’t Lick It,  Don’t Eat it! 

[All photos used in are the sole property of Kath Marsh. Not for public use. Not to be reprinted.] 


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