The View is Always the Same?

Rufus: Just Saying: The View is Always the Same? 
29 September 2015

It was raining today, and MyPeople still insisted on going for our morning walk. REALLY? I could have taken care of ‘things’ in a lot of places without going out and getting wet. But after they stood out in the rain and begged long enough, I went with them. EVEN if it was raining and I was the only one without a rain coat.  

We weren’t the only ones out for a walk. So was this box turtle. But then he’s got his own rain coat. I don’t. Am I the only one?  

I think it’s just wrong when MyPeople say, “if you’re not the lead dog, The View’s Always the Same.”
 Does this look the same to you? Same fields as this morning, only this was a few days ago. Look at that sky!! And the fog over the river way behind our house.  

DadPeople said they were making a  joke about only seeing me from behind on our walks since I lead all the time.   Leaders lead, DadPeople! 

Besides, I wasn’t the one who ran to the car and pretended he didn’t know MomPeople when she walked out of the sandwich shop today wearing a kid’s fireman’s hat!!!  

I wonder what that hat tastes like? As good as my frisbee? 

OH!!! Next week I’m loaning my blog to MomPeople. She’s a writer you know. Even though she sits alone a lot writing, it turns out writers have writer friends. And writer friends help each other. So MomPeople is borrowing my blog on October 7 for a cool new writer’s resource. You have to see it. There’s even a movie!!! 


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