Halloween Yet?

Rufus: Just Saying: Halloween Yet? 
18 September 2015 

I can tell when Halloween is coming. The MomPeople gets decorations out. Kind of weird stuff, but she thinks it’s fun. 

AND she stops brushing the spider webs off the front porch. Spiders are good Halloween Decorations. Real ones that make sticky webs that get on your fur. I’m not a big spider fan, but it turns out there are two pretty interesting spiders on the front porch. 

I’m not sure if they’re related or competing or what. They look a lot alike. But one lives on the sidelight window on the right side of the front door. He naps a lot, so I didn’t think he was going to get his web into shape for getting groceries. 
Dreaded Napping Spider

But this morning he was awake  and his web was looking good!!! 

The other spider on the front porch has claimed the whole front of the porch roof for his web!!! A really big web that you can’t see except  when the sun hits it just right. I don’t want to think about what he expects to trap. But he lurks up at the top of the porch roof. 

My favorite webs are the ones you can actually snuffle up to out in the fields where we walk in the morning. When we’ve had fog or heavy dew, the webs look like the spiders hung little jewels on them. Or that’s what the Mom People says. 

The DadPeople just shrugs, and we walk on. 


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