Rufus: Just Saying, New Water Bowls!

Rufus: Just Saying: New Water Bowls!
18 August 2015


So MomPeople and DadPeople finally finished making noise and bringing around strangers for me to bark at. MyPeople are very happy about their new bathroom. I still don’t get it. Baths should be illegal!!! 

EXCEPT I think MomPeople did it so she got a big new water bowl!!! She’s pretty smart.

Look. Here’s their bathroom before all the pounding and stuff. No water bowl on MomPeople’s vanity. Big flaw. Also big bathtub. Meaning baths, another big flaw. 

After the ‘remodel’ MomPeople and DadPeople have BIG water bowls, and that nasty bathing tub is gone!!! Now they have a big shower. I don’t know what that is. As long it doesn’t involve baths. 

Just when I thought MyPeople were going back to paying attention to me all the time, they came up with ANOTHER ‘remodel’. This one is called DIY. Which means no strangers to bark at, just Mom and DadPeople doing the work. Mostly DadPeople. They’re busy in the laundry room. 

This is the Creepy room. The two machines in there play music when they finish making noise and spitting out clothing that is wet and then warm and dry. 
And they whisper to each other at night when only I am downstairs in my Man/Canine Cave. I do not go in the Creepy Laundry room. 

I do like the new paint color. DadPeople calls it Margaritaville Green. MomPeople says it’s Dancing Green. The machines better not dance out of the Creepy room and try to come to my room!!! 


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