Rufus: Just Saying: Scaried-up Yard

Rufus: Just Saying: Scaried-up Yard
13 July 2015

Mom and DadPeople have been very busy with the  RemodelPeople. Apparently getting rid of a black toilet where MomPeople says anacondas hang out requires a Lot of tearing apart. I can tear stuff apart, but I am not invited. Not fair. 

Meanwhile my yard has been invaded by the torn out Scary Toilet. AND a more scary thing called a bath tub. This sucker is deep! Deeper than my wading pool. It’s for dirty people to get in and put a LOT of water in. That’s how People get the mud off their paws.  

Habitat ReStore is coming to take the toilet and the tub and other torn-out stuff away in a couple of days.  Meanwhile I have to keep DadPeople busy, away from the bathtub in case DadPeople thinks with all the rain we’ve had has filled up Scary Tub, and I should get in and clean all my great mud off. Too deep. Too scary. 

MomPeople’s grandparents had an outside privy up in the mountains of Arizona. MomPeople  said there were a lot of Daddy Long Legs spiders in the privy. I’m getting really concerned about this toilet thing. I don’t see any spiders around the torn-out toilet in our yard, but that could be because of the anaconda. Are the People replacing the anaconda toilet with a spider toilet? Why don’t People just go in the fields like me? 

Anyway. I’ll be glad when the tub is gone away and my nice yard is pretty again. Okay, the real reason I want my yard cleaned up is because it’ll be easier to chase chipmunks if they can’t hide under the tub, behind the shower doors, under the trailer, and maybe in the toilet!

Rufus and the waterfall turtle, waiting.

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