YIPES! Yellow Dragons in the Garden!

Rufus: Just Saying: Yipes! Yellow Dragons in the Garden! 
8 May 2015 

MomPeople will never be tired of dragons, but I’m beginning to feel …  How many dragons are there in the world anyway? 

DadPeople made pots of pretty flowers for the front porch. (Remember: do NOT pee on the flower pots. Very important if you want the ‘Good Boy’ bologna treat.) 
MomPeople picked the yellow flowers for the pot. SNAPDRAGONS!!! Really? These flowers bite? 
I snuck up on them and sniffed. I am a really good sniffer, being a hound and all. 

And then I got up closer and sniffed again.  Even care-fuller. 

They didn’t snap at me. But maybe they were asleep. Or waiting for my nose to touch. I backed away. 

I checked behind me. The big irises behind the garden seat looked kind of sinister. Way bigger than the SnapDragons, these guys looked like purple dragons, with big mouths with tongues of yellow fire! 



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