Turtle, Turtle, WATER FEATURE!

Rufus: Just Saying: Turtle, Turtle, WATER FEATURE? 
14 May 2015 

The other morning on our way to walk in the fields, DadPeople showed me this rock on the driveway. But it wasn’t a rock! 
I bent down to sniff, and it grew a head and legs! I jumped up and away!  
It was a turtle. But that can’t be right. I’ve seen the turtles in the front garden. A big cement sea turtle and the little plastic spitter guy in the fountain. Neither of them moves their heads or legs. I think. 

Speaking of the turtles in the front garden. You should see what my DadPeople made for our turtles.  Before I adopted Mom and DadPeople, MomPeople made this fountain out of a big pot and the little spitter turtle who keeps the water moving. 

But DadPeople, who is very talented (I help him), took out the old fountain and made a new ‘water feature’. I’m not sure about this ‘Water Feature’ thing. Sounds too much like a bath. 

First DadPeople took out the old fountain. 

Then he put in a bunch of parts like little wading pools. 

DadPeople put in rocks that you can’t eat. Disappointment. 

He put the spitter turtle at the bottom of the water fall, but the turtle is not spitting. Some kind of super pump makes the water go up to the top after it runs down to the turtle! 

Last the DadPeople put in plants. Plants are okay; grass is better. I like grass, but I don’t eat plants in general. 
Don’t say anything to MomPeople but the front garden looked kind of raggedy until DadPeople put in the ‘Water Feature.’ Looks pretty good, huh? Mom and DadPeople like to sit on the glider and listen to it. ??? I don’t hear the turtle barking or anything. People are weird.  
DadPeople said something about getting salmon to spawn up the water fall. But I think that might be a joke.  
The goldfinch and I are sticking with the bird bath ‘water feature’, the kind we can drink from. Or dunk your tail in if you’re a little bird. 



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