Rufus: Just Saying: Hidden Frog and Sunday Stroll

Rufus: Just Saying: Hidden Frog and Sunday Stroll 
31 May 2015
Pretty busy week! 

Sydney’s MomPeople, (Syd is my friend who comes to walk with me in the fields.) brought DadPeople a prize for the waterfall (or as DadPeople calls it- ‘the salmon run.’) It’s a frog. Not the kind you catch and then they jump and scare you. This one is made of metal. See if you can find it by the waterfall. Clue:it’s black and hides in the weeds.

The rest of the week while I dug and dug in the mud, Mom and DadPeople worked on the driveway. I didn’t know until too late they were stuffing something just like mud in cracks!!! I managed to leave a paw print or two, but I was very good and didn’t dig the ‘mud’ out of the seams again.

So by today, everybody was ready for a nice stroll. We went out to White Hall park, my old favorite. I kept very busy checking in the fields for … everything.   

Then it was time to go home, but Mom and DadPeople got excited. They saw this flower along the pasture fence. They made a big fuss about it looking like a dangerous outer space alien!

 (Note small bee ‘extra-terrestrial’ clinging to the mother ship’.)    

 I checked. It wasn’t edible. It’s Field Thistle. So what was the big deal? It was time to get back to cookies and a big bowl of water. Sometimes People are hard to walk. They get so distracted. 


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