Meatless Monday!

Rufus:Just Saying: Meatless Monday!

Yesterday DadPeople and MomPeople and I went out to White Hall to walk. We saw Farmer Burns again. He had a big truck and pastures full of steers. Holsteins.

Steers are what they make hamburgers from. And hamburgers are the treat you get if you’re a Good Boy when you go to the vet and don’t crawl under the chairs and refuse to come out. Just saying’.

I barked, and DadPeople and I kept walking. But MomPeople is a problem. She stayed by the fence until the steers came over to see her.

Farmer Burns said they were gentle guys. The steers got close.
And they got closer.
And then MomPeople let one LICK her!!!

This would not be a problem except NOW MomPeople says NO MEAT!
Good thing I Love Peanut Butter. Wait! Do they raise Peanuts around here? Would they lick MomPeople? ARGH!

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