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30 April 2015 
It kept bothering me that something about the Purple Dragon’s name was familiar. But I didn’t have time to think. 

Suddenly a sparkling red dragon flew in my face. “Tell me my name,” she said.  

“You’re not Purple Dragon,” I sputtered. 

“Right you are. Who am I? Look carefully. Get it right.” 

I looked real hard. “I thought I was supposed to give you Purple Dragon’s name, and you’d tell me where he is.” 

“I guard Purple Dragon. How do I know you’re worthy of finding Purple Dragon?” 

“Because I worked hard to find him. I worked hard to find out his name. And I missed my dinner, and my nap.” 

She shook her head. 

Oh, boy, I was in trouble.Today is the last day of the blog, and I don’t  have the Purple Dragon. His guardian is going to stop me.

I looked harder. This was the fanciest dragon, covered with sparkling jewels. Scary and beautiful. Like a queen dragon. And I remembered a name that came from the word for royalty. “Patricia,” I said. 

“Right.” Her face went from fierce to happy. “Now whisper the name.” 

I did. 

She whistled three notes high, then three low. “AngieGille, you have a visitor.” 

I got ready for a big dragon even fiercer than Patricia. A blur of purple rolled at me, landing at my feet. 

“Can’t fly,” he squeaked. 

I knew him! I remembered when he came, and when I lost him. 

 “I’ll teach you to fly. We’ll go outside, and I’ll show you going up. And I’ll catch you going down.” I picked him up gently and took him to my special bed. “And I promise not to chew you up!” 

Thanks to NikkiCat I’d found my lost Christmas dragon! 

Angie/Gille squeaked again. And we circled up for a nap. 

Rufus and Purple Dragon/AngieGille 

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