X is for X Marks the Spot

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28 April 2015 

“”Ahoy, Matey,” the little Pirate Dragon called from the castle parapets. 

“How can I help yar,” he added, tilting his pirate hat back on his head. 

“The writing dragon said you could help me with this map.” I tossed it up to the little pirate. 

He studied it. “Yep, matey. This tells us where Purple Dragon is. But first you need to do two more things. Get his real name, and get past his gate keeper.”

“Sure.” I wasn’t surprised there was more. But I was thinking maybe it could wait until tomorrow. I needed dinner. 

The little pirate pointed over his shoulder. “Give the map to him and ask for the Purple Dragon’s name.” 

As long as I was so close, I nodded and moved the map to the next Pocket Dragon. 

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