O is for Other Dragons

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17 April 2015  

I didn’t go outside after all. I could see the outside dragon. He’s the one that got buried in the snow. Not purple. But I barked at him from the storm door. His weather vane just spun and pointed back inside the house.  

I was getting kind of fed up of going back and forth, and not getting anyplace. 

So I went back in the office ready to bark loudly in NikkiCat’s ear and wake him up! 

But as I rounded the corner of MomPeople’s desk, a deep voice called down to me. “Don’t look so disappointed, pup.” 

I looked up. The biggest dragon so far looked down at me. 
He said, “It could be that we’re protecting the Purple Dragon. Or you. You should talk to the dragons who are protectors.” 

And he pointed up on the shelves near the desk. 


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