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11 April 2015 

The laughing was coming from these two on top of the Pocket Dragons’ castle.  

They made me smile. The hedgehog giggled, and said, “You don’t have to be afraid of Icky. He’s kind of small, so he pretends to be big and mean.” 
The Pocket Dragon laughed and added, “You want to know a secret about Icky? He’s called Icky because he ate something yucky and it gave him smelly gas. Which is why he lives over on that shelf, alone.” 

I kind of felt sorry fo Icky. I get gas all the time. Especially after a good meal of Turkey poop. But no one makes me stay far away. Well, except NikkiCat. 

I asked the dragon and hedgehog my question. But they laughed too hard. Finally the hedgehog giggled out, “Try the dragon on the desk. He knows about purple.” 

So. I did. 

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