H is for Happy Horace

Rufus Just Saying: A-Z: H is for Happy Horace
9 April 2015 

And I spotted it. A clear glass globe with a golden dragon inside. This did not look good. How was a dragon locked up in a glass ball going to talk to me?

I got nose close to the glass ball. I was really careful, because if I broke it, NikkiCat says I will have to pay for it. I don’t have money. NikkiCat will probably sell my toys to pay for it. I like my toys. I haven’t finished chewing them. 

I was feeling sad. I was getting nowhere with this hunt for the Purple Dragon. 
And then the dragon inside the ball shook. And gold sparkles swirled around inside. 

“I’m Happy Horace,” NikkiCat read the sparkly words spelled out in the ball. Sitting on his chair by MomPeople’s desk, NikkiCat kept reading, “Don’t give up, Rufus. You’ll find what you’re looking for. Be brave. Look down to the left.” 

I did. Yeow! 


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