G is for Gargoyle

Rufus: Just Saying: A-Z: G is for Gargoyle
8 April 2015  

I was going to solve Giggles the Gargoyle’s riddle, when another gargoyle spoke up. 
“I’m Grace. Who are you?” 

“I’m Rufus, and I’m looking for the Purple Dragon. Have you seen it?” 

“I’m having my photo taken. Do you have a photo of your Purple Dragon?” Grace the Gargoyle said. 

“Nope. No photo. I just know I’m looking for a Purple Dragon.” 

“Well, good luck. Do you know the answer to Giggles’ riddle about what is clear and full of dragon?” 

“Nope. Do you?” 

“Maybe. Start by looking up. And then look across the room. I know Giggles is talking about a golden dragon.”

I looked around. Across the room were other kinds of dragons. At first I didn’t see any golden ones. And then I did. 


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