E is for Eating

Rufus: Just Saying: A-Z: E is for Eating
6 April 2015 

My hunt for the Purple Dragon is making  me hungry. And I have an exceptional idea! 

When the two sad Pocket Dragons looked Down, I spotted it below them on the bookcase. 

Guess what I saw! A Dragon lunchbox. Even if the Purple Dragon wasn’t inside, it could be holding treats.  
So I pulled it down, and popped it open. 

Big disappointment. No food. No Purple Dragon. But there was a joke printed on an old paper napkin. NikkiCat butted up to me and read it. “How many hound dawgs does it take to replace a light bulb?” 

I didn’t get it. Why would I want a lightbulb? 
NikkiCat stared at me. I shook my head. He headed out of MomPeople’s office saying “Too dim.” He snickered, and I heard giggling from above me. 



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