D is for Dancing Carousel Dragon

Rufus: Just Saying: A-Z: D is for Dancing Carousel Dragon
4 April 2015 

The Cowboy Pocket Dragons tilted their cowboy hats at the next little Pocket Dragon. They said he was really up on purple stuff, and he was a Dancer. But his horse is the one that dances and wears the purple stuff. Up and down whirling to carousel music. The two of them were awfully busy. I woofed along and pranced, but at the end of the song, the little dragon said, “No Purple Dragon on my horse. Up and down.” 

And he started to sing and dance again. I was dizzy. He was no help. I almost went to take a nap when I heard two little voices.

These two guys looked very down, very sad. They said my Purple Dragon wasn’t in their castle. They were very sorry. And they looked Down and pointed. 

I looked down, and got an idea!! A yummy one! 


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