C is for Cowboys

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3 April 2015 

I know I’m getting closer to that Purple Dragon! The CowBoy Pocket Dragons will know. 

Sigh. This is not working. No one told me Cowboys don't talk so much. They spit little flames, and said, “Howdy, Pardner. Some ears you got!” 

 I like their boots. MomPeople has cowboy boots. (Not for chewing. Remember that!) MomPeople’s boots are real cowboy boots her mother wore. I thought that was weird since we live in Kentucky, but I found out MomPeople is from the West. And her grandparents were real live homesteaders in Arizona! 

Even if one of the Cowboy Pocket Dragons has a purple vest, they said they are NOT Purple Dragon. Told me to ‘mosey on.’ I’m not sure what a ‘mosey’ is, but I see another Pocket Dragon who might be one. 


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