Rufus: Just Saying: Friday the 13th and Black Cats

13 March 2015 

This is NikkiCat again. I was going to tell about Rufus and his new dog food, that MomPeople spent way too much money on when she should have just bought me more cat treats. Some salesperson told MomPeople about how Rufus must be missing nutrients in his old kibble if he was eating deer poop and decaying stuff. 

Rufus hunting deer poop. 

Since MomPeople is a soft-touch, she bought the fancy food for the DAWG. Of course he’s still eating deer poop and rotting rabbit parts he finds when DadPeople takes him for a walk. Clearly the $$$DogFood is missing Vitamin Deer Poop and  the Long- dead- smelly- rabbit- parts nutrients. Honestly. 

Given that Rufus eats sketchy ‘leftovers’ , it’s no surprise today, Friday the 13th, Rufus is in a tizzy about something silly.  He’s all worried that I’m unlucky, because I’m a beautiful black cat. Like how? Like I’l bring bad luck, and the deer will stop pooping in the front yard, and Rufus’ll have to eat kibble?  

Hey, Rufus, in between eating yucky stuff, take a look at these facts about black cats! 

It’s true a lot of Americans still think black cats are bad luck. This goes back to the Salem witch trials and the belief that witches could morph into cats. (Why would a cat want to be a people? People have no fur; they don’t know how to groom themselves with their tongues; they don’t take nearly enough naps.) Americans need to catch up. 

A lot of Americans, like my MomPeople’s family, came from Scotland. Long ago the Scots  believed there was this being called the Cat Sith who could morph into a huge black cat. Cat Sith could steal a dead person’s soul before the gods could claim it.  Hey, Rufus, maybe deer scat has a soul, and I can make it come after you. Ever thought about being chased by poop? 

But times change, and in Scotland now they have a much more civilized view of black cats. They think that when a black cat comes to your home, it means prosperity. For certain dawgs Prosperity means having enough money to buy your fancy kibble AND my well-deserved cat treats. 

I researched how good luck and black cats go together:
Being owned by one- of course. 

Having a black cat greet you at the door. -This is conditional on if you immediately fill that certain cat’s bowl with treats. 

Meeting three black cats in succession. MomPeople and DadPeople were really lucky when we three black cats, my Pops, my brother Ivann, and I first came here with my Russian Blue Mom. Mom was the brains of our clowder, but Pops, Ivann, and I were the good luck. 

 Touching a black cat. - Once again this mean properly petting, scratching, and brushing. No one said it would be easy to be owned by a black cat. 

If you really want to know how to get Bad Luck from a black cat, Rufus, here's the list:

Meeting me early in the morning and barking and telling MomPeople I've been to the neighbor's house caging extra food, again. 

Scaring me. -Sneak up on  me one more time, and I'll tie those droopy ears and that slobbery tongue in a knot even DadPeople won't be able to undo. So there. 
Droopy ears, Long! tongue. 

Having me turn my back on you is bad luck. -When I'm ignoring you, I'm working on a plan, and you're going to be sorry you ate my treats, very sorry!

Very Lucky, Handsome, Smart-
Tsar Nikolaus, NikkiCat


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