Rufus: Just Saying: Dragging/ Dragon Out a Theme

Rufus: Just Saying: Dragging/Dragon Out a Theme
25 March 2015 
Rufus here: MomPeople signed me up for the A to Z Challenge  ( I’m supposed to come up with a NEW blog posting for each letter of the alphabet during the month of April . NikkiCat is helping me. He’s the big reader, so he knows this fancy alphabet stuff.  

But I had to come up with the theme. I chose food. NikkiCat snorted, sat down, and gave me that CAT Stare. I know what that means. So I thought some more. I thought of chasing chipmunks outside, or barking and hearing the echoes. NikkiCat turned his back on me and marched into the back bedroom. I followed. He jumped up on the desk. I jumped up on the bed. 

NikkiCat sat on this dragon.

He walked back out into the living room and sat down in front of  the fireplace. I sat down. 

Next NikkiCat walked into the kitchen and jumped up on the counter. I stood on my back paws and looked. 

NikkiCat walked to the new picture on the wall. He stared up. DadPeople had MomPeople’s  Arfer Contract framed. NikkiCat told me the book that MomPeople is going to have published is called  The River Dr’gon and the Bumblespells Wizard.  

NikkiCat walked all the way into MomPeople’s office. He walked around staring up. I’m not supposed to go in, and besides DadPeople was calling me. So I just looked quick and ran downstairs. 

When I get back from chasing chipmunks, I’ll ask NikkiCat again about a theme. 


[All photos used in are the sole property of Kath Marsh. Not to be reprinted.] 


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