Ranger Talks About his ArferPeople

Rufus: Just Saying: Ranger Talks About his ArferPeople 

I’m so excited! And it has nothing to do with snow. Ranger, the DawgPeople who takes care of his ‘arfer’ (author as NikkiCat says.)  Ally Shields (http://allyshields.com/) is my guest today!!!  I  have a lot of questions for Ranger since he helps his MomPeople write. 

Rufus: Ranger, your MomArferPeople writes a Coffee Chat blog where she asks other ArferPeople how they like their coffee before they start chatting. I don’t drink coffee, do you? I have a nice bowl of water if you like? I hardly slobbered in it at all. If you want a bowl of water that’s really neat and tidy, you can have NikkiCat’s. 

Ranger: Hey, Ruf. It's great to finally meet you. Coffee? Yuk. I tried it once, but water's my thing. You think I should drink Nikki's? Uh, does he have claws? I'll stick with yours, thank you. I love slobber.

Rufus: How do you help your MomArferPeople write? 

Ranger: I have a big job guarding the house so she isn't attacked while writing. You wouldn't believe the number of potential intruders I see on our street! I get tired warning them off and have to take a nap now and then.
Since she needs to rest her eyes and get plenty of exercise, I also make sure she takes frequent breaks to let me outside, fill my treat ball, or play tug with me.

Rufus: Ranger, I hear your ArferPeople is about to publish the seventh and last book in her Guardian Witch series. What’s the title? And what do you like best about this book? 

Ranger: Um, title? Let me look. Eternal Fires. Sounds kind of scary, but what can you expect from witches and vampires and werewolves? 
The best part for me is when she's done! (Gives big doggie smile.) Then we can play, and I get more treats.
Rufus: NikkiCat loves the Guardian Witch series, because there are cats. He wants to know what the  new cover will look like. I like the cover for book One, Awakening Fire. Yeah, because it has a wolf on it! Wolves, dawgs, cousins! Right? Will the new cover have the wolf again?  What would you put on the cover if you got to choose? 

I’m going to put all six of the covers here so we can think about this. 

Ranger: Don't think she has a final cover yet, but it should be a great photo of ME. Why not? I could be a cool Weredawg! I think there are crows in the story.    What fun it would be to chase them! You want to help me?? 

Rufus: Chasing crows! You’re my kind of dawg! I’m there!
MomPeople showed me the post your Mom did on the seventh book. http://allyshields.com/7/post/2015/03/preview-eternal-fires-the-guardian-witch-finale.html?

 MomPeople’s watching that video your Mom posted of crows. Pretty smart guys, but not as smart as dogs! 

What’s the best part of your MoMPeople finishing up the Guardian Witch series? Does it have to do with going out in the snow to play? 

Ranger: Are you kidding??? I hate snow! I could disappear into the snow. But I love, love, love to play. And playing with the treat ball is the best ever. It'll be nice when we can go outside for long walks by the lake.

Rufus:I heard your MomPeople is working on book two for her Cross Keys  series. Does it have dawgs? What’s your favorite part of this series?

Ranger: No dawgs in the new elven trilogy. Since it takes place in New Orleans, maybe there are alligators. I bet they can't run as fast as I can. (Races around the room demonstrating his running style.) 
Now can we go outside to sniff and water everything? 

Rufus:Thank you, Ranger. I really enjoyed talking to you, and if we’re real quiet I know where the MomPeople hides NikkiCat’s treats. Cats get the best treats! 


  1. Ranger is very impressed with himself. Thank you, and thank Rufus! :)

    1. Rufus says Ranger is great fun to interview, and he's looking forward to crow chasing! :)


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