Dawg Plays Hooky, and Plays , and Plays!

Dawg Plays Hooky, and Plays, and Plays!
5 March 2015 

This is Tsar Nikolaus, aka NikkiCat. I’m taking over the blog today, because Rufus has lost his mind again. He’s in no shape to write anything. Honestly!

Yesterday it rained and finally melted all that nasty snow. Rufus, of course, spent the entire day muzzle deep in muddy holes. DadPeople wiped enough mud off that dawg to start a whole garden.

Then it started snowing last night. We live in the Kentucky Blue Grass. We’re Supposed to get moderate seasons. NOT supposed to get ten inches of snow twice in less than a month. Honestly! By this morning we had ten inches and counting.  It’s still snowing. 

And Rufus went from crazy mud-creature dawg to Lost His Mind Snow Dawg!

He ran through the snow like some demented snowplow and chased off all the venison and turkey drumsticks, I mean deer and turkeys MomPeople left corn for this morning. 

 So, that’s what’s going on in Rufus: Just Saying Land. He’s snow crazy again.
When I post this I’m going back to my warm nest in the chair by the window. MomPeople is working on another manuscript, or as Rufus says, ‘arfer stuff.’ DadPeople is warming up and drying off between times he takes Rufus out to “PLAY!” 

I don’t mind helping Rufus. But today he was supposed to settle down and work on a blog interview with Ranger, author Ally Shields’ (http://allyshields.com) DawgPerson. Ranger’s MomPeople writes the BEST paranormal series, Guardian Witch, and the new series Cross Keys. The Guardian Witch series of course has cool cats in it, Were and my kind. And the Cross Keys series has elves so tough they could take on all the bad guys in The Hobbit, no problem! 

Sigh. If that blog is ever going to get written, I’ll have to get the interview questions to Ranger. Rufus is taking another nap before he goes out to scare the snow, or whatever crazy dawgs do in that cold wet stuff. 

NikkiCat, Tsar Nikolaus. 

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  1. Great pics once again! I love NikkiCat's reaction to the snow.
    No rush on those interview questions for Ranger. He's very busy this morning snoozing in the sun. :)
    Thanks so much for the mention!

    1. Thank you. ;) Tell Ranger no rush at all. Rufus is OWT harassing the birds and wetting down snow. It's STILL snowing.

  2. Stay warm, Nikkicat -- Rufus can take care of the outside work.

    1. Thank you, Vicki. You are clearly a wise person!


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