Rufus: Just Saying: HarperCat wrote a Book?

Rufus: Just Saying: HarperCat wrote a Book? 
4 February 2015 

The MomPeople is very excited about books that are going to be published. She is really happy that HarperCat’s next book is coming out. WHAT? ProfessorDaughterPeople’s cat Harper Lee writes books? Cats write books?  

Seems years ago Harper Lee wrote a book called To Kill a Mockingbird. Which figures. What else would a cat write about but bragging about bagging wildlife. Everybody loved this book. And then Harper didn’t write another one. Which is totally cat. I mean they do something perfectly, and you better have been paying attention, because they are Not going to do again. 

That’s crazy. Like only having one piece of bologna. I LOVE bologna! If you’re that good at something, do it and do it and do it. Or eat it and eat it and eat it. Or chase a frisbee and chase it and chase it! 

I found this photo on the MomPeople’s computer. HarperCat eating a bird. A Mockingbird? Is that research? 

I was wondering. If HarperCat can write a book, what about NikkiCat? I’d help him. After all I already like posting to MomPeople’s blog. I could help a lot. I think the first thing I could do is let NikkiCAt use my photo on the cover of the book. A photo should have a smile in it, and trust me, none of NikkiCat’s photos have smiles. 

I mean really. Does this look like a friendly nice author you’d buy a book from? He looks kind of like angry-cat to me. And I DID not eat his kibble, that time.  

Now this is an author photo. Wouldn’t you buy a book from a friendly guy like me? 
To Chase a Chipmunk- That’s what NikkiCat and My book could be called. I’m Very good at barking and chasing. I can help with this! We could earn a lot of bologna, and even some Cat Treats. Yep! If HarperCat can write a book, so can we! 


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