MomPeople is an Arfer?

MomPeople is an Arfer?
21 February 2015  
 There was big excitement this week. Not just the SNOW!!! 

MomPeople was all in a tizzy about something the FedEXPeople was bringing. We had like more than a foot of snow on the driveway. (Excellent!) and MomPeople said the FedEXPeople couldn’t bring the something to the house.

Anything this important Had to be food! SoI was kind of concerned about the delivery. I mean what  besides food is important? NikkiCat just rolled his eyes at me, but he’s all snarky because the snow is too deep for him to go “OWT!” So he has to stay inside and watch me through the window while I play in the snow. :) 

Anyway, MomPeople has a good imagination. I think that comes from all that writing she does. So she came up with a way to get the important package from the FedEXPeople. She dug all the snow away from the mailbox then perched this bin next to the mailbox. 

We watched. 

Later, after I’d been outside running and running in the snow two times and come back inside to check my food bowl and warm up and dry off, MomPeople walked up the driveway and came back down with a smile on her face and a cardboard envelope in her hands. She and DadPeople were very excited. DadPeople kept saying how proud he was of her.

But the package didn’t have food in it. Inside was something that DadPeople said made her an ‘arfer’. HUH? I didn’t hear her bark. No- “ARF, ARF” just smiling and dancing around the living room. 

NikkiCat gave me another eye roll and said something about me being a “D- A- W- G who can’t spell.” See what I mean about him being snarky? And he’s the one who can’t spell. He said MomPeople had gotten something called a “contract to publish a book,” and now she was a real live official “ A- U- T- H- O- R.”  

I don’t care how you spell Arfer, she isn’t barking.  But maybe her book will be about barking, arfing? HAH, NikkiCAT, then I’d be right! MomPeople would be a real Arfer! 


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  1. Mompeople is my favorite arfer!

  2. Congrats on the book contract!! Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person!

    1. Thank you so much. And thank you for being my hugely talented Critique partner!


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