Rufus: Just Saying: SNOW DAY! Ear-Flying GOOD TIMES!

Rufus: Just Saying:  SNOW DAY!!! Ear-Flying GOOD TIMES!
25 January 2015  

It’s been very busy here. The MomPeople’s sister came to visit. AuntPeople is VERY cool. Exceptional at handing out treats. 

After she left, we HAD SNOW!!! I LOVE SNOW!!! DadPeople, MomPeople, and I went to play in the snow as soon as we got up yesterday morning. 

First I ran through our front yard. And then I was a VERY good Dawg. I waited for the People to catch up at the top of the driveway. Look at all the snow across the street!!  

Then I showed DadPeople how to run in the snow. People are not great snow runners FYI.   

Of course snow is not just for running. It’s also for ‘snuffle upping’. So I checked this spot. My head is in the snow. FYI.

But then it was time to run AGAIN!  

And then the People got worried that I was too wet. REALLY? To make them happy I shook off the snow.  Everything shook, including my cheeks. Pretty good, huh? 

And then I was off and running again. It made the People happy. They laughed. It made me happy. I laughed.  One Ear-flying good SNOW DAY!  

[All photos used in are the sole property of Kath Marsh. Not to be reprinted. ]


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