Rufus: Just Saying: New Years Resolutions for MyPeople

Rufus: Just Saying: New Years Resolutions for MyPeople 
7 January 2015

Sigh. MomPeople has been way too busy with her stuff, and she won’t let me near the computer. Something about me chewing the legs on a chair. What does that have to do with computering? I wouldn’t eat the computer. Well, not if there weren’t any crumbs or anything on it that needed cleaning up. 

So it’s MomPeople’s fault I’m a whole week late with my post. And that’s my first New Years Resolution. MomPeople should schedule my posts into her To Do List. And not make me wait while she does workshop homework or revisions on her stories (Which should have me in them.)

NikkiCat and I worked on this very important New Year’s Resolutions for ThePeople”

1) More People Time spent with NikkiCat and I. 
Nikki wants MomPeople to not move around the house. She should just stay in her office and type while NikkiCat sleeps in his bed nearby (where he supervises and gets back to me on the fact that Neither of us are in the story she’s working on!!!) 
I vote for this one too, because if MomPeople just writes, then she won’t run that humongously noisy dirt-sucking machine that forces me to bark. 
I want DadPeople to go OUT and play with me more. We really need to chase that squirrel who sits inside the bird feeder and eats all the seed. And there is a LOT of deer poop to eat since MomPeople puts out corn for the deer every morning.

B) No more clothes for us. 
Today I could barely run out at the pond wearing my new camouflage winter coat. I don't' care that the Pit Bull down the street has a new red coat. He won’t even look anyone in the eyes; he’s that embarrassed
NikkiCat tells me there’s a red sweater that The People get out every winter and try to make him wear. NikkiCat just goes limp to demonstrate how sweaters do bad things to cats. I may try that with the coat. 

C) NikkiCat doesn't have a problem with ThePeople issuing commands. He says if The People ever did anything this stupid with him, he’d just give them his Hard Stare. 
I don’t mind so much except for the ‘Sit’ command. When we’re out in the cold or wet, ThePeople should not tell me to ‘Sit’. Unless they’re willing to drop their drawers and plant their bare butts on the cold ground first. 

4) The People should stop spelling out words in front of me. I know they’re talking about something really barking-good, like cookies. Which means I’m going to get excited and bark, and jump. Who knows? If they’re spelling, it could be so many good things. Just tell me. Is it ‘go to the park’? Or cookies? Or play frisbee? 
“C-O-O-K-I-E-S” is probably cookies. Just hand them over MomPeople, “CookieMomster.” 

 BTW: One more resolution for MY People. More Snow! I love Snow! It snowed today!  

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  1. I have eight inches of snow I'd gladly send to Rufus! Will he take the below zero temps too?

    1. He says 'YES', as long as he doesn't have to wear his coat.

  2. I enjoyed reading this Kath. I can relate and getting back to a routine after the three holidays is a challenge,

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Walter. I won't tell Rufus that your postings are among the things absorbing me. :)

  3. Rufus is so handsome. Tell him Willa got a sweater (black with a white skull and crossbones) and she LOVES it.

    1. OH! Rufus is a big fan of Willa's. This could make a big difference in his attitude! HE thanks you for the compliment.


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