Rufus: Just Saying: A VERY Ducky Christmas!

Rufus: Just Saying: A VERY Ducky Christmas! 
26 December 2014 

I LOVE Christmas. This year I was home with my DadPeople and MomPeople, and Nikki, AND brand new FamilyPeople who are NOT cats!

 ProfessorDaughterPeople and HerSpecialPeople came for Christmas! ProfessorDaughterPeople is a VERY good ear scratcher. And HerSpecialPeople was so nice. He shaved his beard when it upset me!! Wow! And they both went on walks with me and DadPeople and MomPeople!

And then Sandy Paws Came! I got that new un-chewed whiffle ball I hoped for. I’d never seen a ball held prisoner by paper before. It took  a few seconds to free the ball from the clutches of the enemy paper.(Wrapping paper doesn’t taste nearly as good as it looks.) I am now very good at ball rescue. If NikkiCat wants me to free his balls, I’m available. 

All TheFamilyPeople were standing around watching me. Since this gift thing is a new experience for me, I decided to take my new ball into my private space. My crate. It also gave me a chance to spit out the paper, in case I needed it later. 

But you’re not going to believe what came next! Another toy! ProfessorDaughterPeople and HerSpecialPeople gave me a farting duck! I mean is that the best toy in the whole world or what? 

DadPeople and ProfessorDaughterPeople kept calling it a quacky duck. But please! I know which end the quacks come out of on a duck. And trust me that’s not the quacking end. 


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  1. Oh, dear -- I think Willa and Ali need a farting duck . . .
    Hoping your Christmas was grand and that the New Year brings many more adventures!

  2. Thank you Vicki. The best to you. Sadly Farting Duck had his 'fart maker' removed yesterday. TPC watched Rufus surgically/lapriscopscly extract the insides of F.Duck. Still a favorite toy, F.Duck is pretty much silent.
    BTW F.Duck came from a Meijer store, probably Wal Mart has them too.


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